Prongs of Mischief


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Unexpected Surprises


It seemed the person already became fatigued due to the crushing hold they had upon her, and the moment weakness was shown she ripped herself right out of the iron grip and headed for the door. Perhaps she thought she could move quick enough to at least have light on her side, yet the person who accompanied her in that moment knew what they were doing, and thus it was only inevitable that they stopped her in her tracks, choosing to pin her up against the wooden door. Through the dusty glass pane making up the window, the moon’s rays shone through and illuminated the area ever so slightly, just enough for her eyes to begin adjusting. It took her a good moment to realise exactly who was in front of her, and yet when his voice hit her ears the silhouette suddenly had a face.

James Potter.

“Are. You. Out of your mind?!” Worry suddenly turned into a form of anger and somewhat embarrassment for even showing fear before him, albeit a slight sense of such. Her eyes were fiery then, stuck to his own as she narrowed her gaze at him whilst her body recovered from the shock. With her hands free she had every right to think of several hexes she could have used on him in that moment, and yet her mind was so boggled with the possibilities that it simply made it impossible. “You complete ARSE, James Potter!” If she could have shoved him away then she happily would have, yet somehow she found herself being somewhat grateful that it was at least him and not some Slytherin who had it in for her for no valid reason. His laugh filled the air then and she simply gasped in shock. “This is no laughing matter, you could have at least had the decency to warn me before you pulled this… this… this stupid!-” But then he was kissing her. Without warning. Downright kissing her right then and there as if to shut her up.

But somehow he knew that it would. Her voice had dwindled in volume quite significantly as he pressed those full lips to her own. Suddenly, deafening shrieks were nothing more than echoes of silence drifting in the breeze. It was strange, how strong he had been and yet how soft he suddenly was. It was some kind of trick, surely, yet for a brief moment she could have easily said she was falling for it. In that moment she could see why every girl wanted to kiss his lips above all else, and yet in that moment she questioned everything. Why had she not pushed him away yet? Why had she not even attempted to move or avert her lips that time? Was he somehow worming his way into her mind through techniques she could only describe as being somewhat barbaric and yet completely clever at the same time? So many questions and yet only one sprung forward in that moment. Pure and utter shock consumed her, and as they pulled away reality slowly faded back into her mind and she did the only thing that could sum up her emotions in that single moment.

With one fail swoop her hand connected onto his cheek and she slapped him, hard.


Any and all words from her had been silenced, but he could have sworn white noise filled the space around them. It was unlike anything else he had ever had, but yet it was known and utterly familiar. The feeling her lips allowed him, it resounded through his flesh, his heart and down to the tips of his toes. Every surface area of his body tingled with electricity and it traversed deep within his bones as well. To kiss Lily Evans had always been but a dream for fools, but hadn’t he always been her fool? In no way, shape or form was this asking her to be his. All it was, was asking for the chance to show her that there was something there. Deny as she might, she had to have felt it too. It seemed entirely impossible for him to feel as such and yet be the only one to feel so deeply. If he was wrong, so be it— but he wanted the damn chance at least. Didn’t he deserve that much?

Fingers lifted slowly from her cheeks as he pulled his lips away almost unwillingly, letting a certain realization sink in. Lily had allowed him to not only begin the kiss and continue the kiss, but she also allowed it to end. There had been no revulsion or shoving let alone abrupt separation that he assumed she would have. Perhaps it had been her ultimate shock, but either way she let it happen and he felt prideful and haughty about such a fact. Therefore, he believed that somewhere within her, she had been curious enough as to what it was like to truly kiss James Potter. The thought only had him smiling smugly, but then the cold slap of reality sunk in. 


Before he could even retort with some snarky quip to tease her with, the tips of her fingers paired with the skin of her smooth palm greeted his face instantly. The action had shocked him, but it wasn’t a first. Though, it was perhaps the hardest slap he had ever received. It was quick, over before it had even begun yet it stung his cheek with a lingering burn. However, the tingle on his lips still overpowered the slap’s after effect by a tenfold. A hand flew up to his cheek to caress the tender skin and he just howled with laughter. As to why he was laughing, that was a bit uncertain. Parts of him felt overjoyed and filled to the brim with triumph, other parts remained a bit nervous to see if he had, in fact, ruined everything between them. Though, it took a lot to deter Lily permanently. Even if James had never understood her odd friendship with Snivellus, he knew she cared deeply about him before he slipped the forbidden word. Normally, the word never got to her and yet that time had been different. Even he knew that friends didn’t say those sorts of things among one another. What had just happened between, surely it wouldn’t gather that much hatred from her. Though, even Potter doubted she hated him. 

As he looked upon her now, he quieted his laugh and shrugged. “You realize it’s not even our night for patrols, right?”

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Unexpected Surprises


The silence continued to linger on even after she had questioned, leading her to believe that she’d simply been punked. Probably some fifth year thinking it would be hilarious to catch someone off guard, little did they know that it was in fact a Seventh Year whom they’d decided to trick. A soft sigh escaped her lips then as she was ready to turn around and wait back at the door leading to the charms room, and yet it seemed that things simply wouldn’t be going her way at all. Without warning, as well as without chance to catch her own breath, arms wrapped around her and held her tightly. Before she could even yell for help out of sheer panic, her mouth was covered. Eyes widened as she attempted to simply wriggle her way out, yet the person was stronger than she’d hoped. 

Ever since the claimed attacks on muggleborns, though Lily didn’t show it, she had been wary. Wary in case someone attempted the same thing on her, for reasons she would simply never understand. Thus far she had been relatively lucky; no Slytherin had done anything worse than call her mudblood or riff raff, which she could shrug off quite easily now. Of course, with Severus it still left quite a sting, and perhaps she could even convince herself that she was more worried about what he would do more so than what some stranger would do. 

Yet in that moment, stranger or not, she was worried.

Soon she was dragged into the darkness of a classroom, with no light or illumination to guide her along. Arms were still wrapped tightly around her as her mouth remained covered completely, though she had tried to force out a mumble or two. Their hand was becoming clammy in her attempts to breathe properly, and it was only right of her to struggle harder. Her head occasionally attempted to turn, yet all she could see was a silhouette in the very corner of her eye, so her attempts were simply futile. Perhaps, if she were lucky, someone may have heard the door slam, or perhaps caught on to the struggle, and yet that corridor was as empty as anything, so she knew thinking such things was just pure, optimistic ignorance.


The way she wriggled in between his arms had him regretting his choices immediately. This was the last thing he wanted her to feel. Why had he even thought of such a stupid plan in the first place? Well, he more or less had dreamt it, but still. The way is panned out in his dream, she had been anything but terrified. In fact, she had been stolen into a new thought of him and it turned her ideas of loathing him into something different. James was doubting she’d feel any of those things, let alone think differently of him. Though, there was a small voice in the back of his mind telling him that the damage had already been done and there was no sense in giving up. After all, James was anything but a quitter. Only slightly had he let up on his hold upon her, but she managed to rip right away from him. Before she could tear out of the room, he spun her around and pushed her right up against the door. The light of the moon glimmered on her ivory skin and he knew he had seconds before she registered it was him and gave him a black eye, or even a black everything.

Time slowed in that moment, his breathing grew deeper than ever and it felt exactly as those moments just before a grueling game of quidditch began. Adrenaline had his heart pumping ninety to nothing and he felt… excited. Nothing compared to the moments such as those and she was the only bird to ever get his heart racing. To him, that spoke more than his actions. If only she could feel, or even hear, the way she made his blood flow. Maybe then she’d believe him, but until then— he’d rely on his other talents. The corners of his lips tugged upward and he simply laughed once before speaking. “Hear me out,” he whispered heavily as he leaned forward, “just this once.”

The protests already formed behind her lips, dancing along the edge of her teeth and leaping from the tip of her tongue as recognition set in. Fury mingled with rage flitted between her eyes, but he stopped her before she could say or do anything. In a flash, he leaned forward and pressed his lips onto hers. The touch was electric, magnetic and he never wanted it to end. It was neither rough or sloppy, it was simple and delicate. James Potter could have melted into putty right then, died a happy bloke and said that he achieved every goal he ever had.

In that moment, he was kissing the one and only Lily Evans.


Unexpected Surprises


What was taking him so long?

Had she heard him wrong when he had given her the information? No, she would reply, for she had checked it thrice over before even coming. Third floor, by the charms classroom. Of course, that wasn’t awfully specific and he could have been between the classroom and the end of the corridor, but nevertheless her eyesight should have been able to spot him by now if he were adamant on showing up. Still, she would give him the benefit of the doubt for, really, the clock hadn’t even struck the hour at that point; there was still a good five or so minutes to go, and she was a patient woman. So wait she most definitely would.

It seemed that the antics would start even before his arrival, however, as she soon felt a somewhat hard pelt on the back of her head. Not enough to hurt, of course, but more than enough to get her attention. She turned swiftly, expecting to see someone but the corridor was empty. There was a chance of it being Peeves but she knew that damned poltergeist better than that; he would be cackling and making rhymes like a maniac by now, but the area remained all too quiet. Perplexed somewhat, she furrowed her brows as she walked down the corridor, perhaps in a blinding hope to catch the person in the act once more, though she did tread with caution.

“Is this a joke or something…?” If anyone were to see her then they would surely think her mad, but she didn’t really care about such thoughts. Curiosity had taken her much too far by now, and once it settled in she was determined to take it to the very end. “Who’s there?”


James pressed his back against the wall hard, sucking in his gut so he’d meld with the shadows. If he was caught too early, it would ruin everything and she’d only be annoyed with him. In her mind, he would only be the outcome of childlike antics, nothing more. Although Remus had advised him at more… subtle ways to go about such events, James was hardly subtle. He was one for going after it, making a spectacle because it mattered to him. Lily was no different in his eyes. Even if she’d hate him after, he wouldn’t care. It’d be worth it.

The sound of her voice rang strongly throughout the corridor and he couldn’t help the soft chuckle that rolled off his lips. At least she wasn’t afraid. Surely, she would think it to be Peeves— only Peeves was more like James in wanting to make a spectacle of things. All he hoped for then was that no one would slither into view and ruin his chance.

At that moment, she crossed his sight and he leaned back once more. The stone pressed against his scalp and he even held his breath until she passed. Of course, she had glanced to the alcove and yet paid it no mind. Once her back was to him, he inhaled as silently as he possibly could before moving forward. Hands stretched out towards her. One wrapped around her arms at the line of her waist while the other threw his hand over her mouth before she could scream. For a brief moment, he was noticing just how dangerous this plot was turning out to be. Though, in only a moment she would see it was just him. Merlin’s beard… Without hesitating, he pulled her into the empty classroom just to slam the door shut with his foot and embrace the darkness with her.

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Unexpected Surprises


The rest of the day, aside from the morning conversations due to her sudden influx of doughnuts, had been uneventful. A perfect day, really, for she could simply spend it doing what she needed to do to get her foot in the door to start the good year she was hoping to have. Once she’d rid herself of the sweet treats, she made her way up to the Common Room to prepare everything she’d need come lesson time; her bookbag, quills, ink, parchment, and a spare of everything. Yet, she had already prepared all of that well before stepping foot into Hogwarts, thus it only took a mere two minutes out of her day. When one had an entire morning and part of an afternoon to kill, therefore, you could say boredom sunk in quite quickly.

Yet for Lily she always found a solution to satisfy herself, and this moment was no exception. After taking an interest in one of the books lashed across Petunia’s room, most likely in rage, Lily had sworn to keep it with her as both part of her collection and as a final memory to her older sister. She was, after all, ‘gone forever’, as she put it. To many the book wouldn’t have been terribly fascinating, but Lily always did like to see the good in torn pages, and thus she spent her time reading the lines and then reading right between them in order to squeeze out something. 

Before she could, however, the clock had struck a ten to the hour and she had no intention of being late, even when she wished she could be; tardiness was never in her vocabulary, after all. With a sigh, therefore, did she return her book and ake her way down to the third floor, right in front of the Charms classroom where they were to begin. With no sign of Potter, she simply had to wait.


What was taking her so long?

Potter remained leaned against the wall, tight to the stone to avoid anyone noticing him and yet out far enough so he could see her coming when or if it happened. Yet, it seemed as if she wasn’t anywhere in his sights. Exasperated, nervous and slightly worried he pulled out the map once more only to groan outwardly as he gazed upon it. Lily was down the hall from him, literally ten meters away and yet not in the exact place he told her to meet him. Much to his dismay, Lily couldn’t stand to listen to him even if unintentional. It was as though it was programmed within her DNA to avoid doing anything and everything his way. Though, he’d not be so easily defeated. Stuffing the map back into his back pocket once more, he then searched his robes for something, anything to launch at her. Finally, he came across a whizzing fizbee wrapper.

Sticking his tongue between his teeth in concentration, he then proceeded to roll the paper between his forefinger and his thumb. As it slowly balled up tight, he leaned away from the wall and looked at the back of her fiery head. The corner of his mouth pulled upward and he then flicked the candy wrapper at her head with precision, watching it strike in the crown of her hair just as her hand flew up to see what the bloody hell happened. As she whipped around to catch the culprit, he hurriedly pulled himself back into place and hoped it’d be enough to get her walking once more. It was most important, to him at least, that he still remain undetected by her watchful and even slightly reproachful eyes. This could very well be his one and only shot to make her understand.

Even if it all went wrong, at least she’d know.